Interior Painting

Any painting project can be a daunting task, especially when it is repainting of your greatest assets, your home! That’s why when it comes to maintaining and protecting your asset it is best to call in one of Melbourne’s best house painters, Anatoly Painting. Our residential painters have years of experience in renovating family apartments, townhouses and houses with the finest quality interior and exterior finishes.

We’re your interior house painting experts! We’ve painted hundreds of living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and everything in between. From this experience we have developed professional and efficient painting procedures to ensure the transformation of your house.

Our professional interior painting services include:

  • Painting of walls and ceilings
  • Painting of timber doors, windows and trims
  • Painting of kitchen cabines and cupboards
  • Painting of build wardrobes
  • Painting and restoration of timber
  • Water damage repair
  • Decorative finishes
  • Feature walls
  • Plaster repairs
  • Garage floor coatings
Anatoly Painting Interior 1
Anatoly Painting Interior 3

How it works

Painting project lifecycle

  • Before beginning the job, you should have already selected the colors and communicated your choices. If you have not done this yes, please call or email us so that we can help you.
  • Please take all small valuables, knick knacks, family heirlooms, prescription medication etc. out of the rooms to be painted.
    We will take care of the heavy lifting. You do not need to move your larger pieces of furniture. We will move furniture to the middle of the room.
  • Communicate to us what you would like to have done with nails, anchors and nail holes. If you would like to hang your pictures back where they were before, please let us know. Otherwise, we will remove the nails and fill the nail holes with drywall compound.
  • We will cover all flooring with drop cloths and/or construction paper. All furniture will be covered with fresh plastic.
  • We will remove all switch plates, wall and ceiling fixtures.
  • We patch all repairs, tape all cracks, pole sand walls and ceilings.
  • Workers will typically begin at 7:30am and will work 4:00pm except on last day where workers may leave early depending on the time of completion.
  • Crews typically consist of two or three people. One person is the designated supervisor. He/she will be the one responsible for the progress of your painting project. If there are any questions regarding the price or  you wish to make changes, please speak with the owner – Anatoly.
  • Painting the interior of your home can be intrusive. We want to minimize the inconvenience as much as possible. We ask you to communicate with us regarding the order in which you would like us to paint your home.
  • Low VOC and Zero VOC paints are available. Let us know if you are interested in using these products. Nonetheless, allow for ventilation.
  • We move all the furniture back to where it was before the work began.
  • We re install the switch plates, wall and ceiling fixtures.
  • We vacuum all carpets and sweep all floors.
  • Garbage and debris is removed from premises.
  • Leftover paint is labeled and left behind for future touch ups.
  • We schedule a walk through with the owner to ensure your total satisfaction. If there are any touch-ups to be done, this would be the time to do them.
  • Please pay the full amount of the invoice as payment is due upon completion of your project.
Anatoly Painting Interior 4

We help our customers to transform their homes and businesses from mundane to inspiring. If you are looking for quility painting services go no further!